Postpartum Doula

Through her own experiences as a professional and then as a mother herself, Lori found her passion helping others as they embrace their journey welcoming a new addition home. Lori believes in a family-centered approach to the postpartum period and supporting the family unit as you find your strength and confidence.


What does a postpartum doula do?

As a postpartum doula, Lori offers morning and daytime support to families. She is there to assist the family and help build confidence as you transition to having a new baby in your home. This includes sharing evidence-based information on early infant care, infant soothing techniques, local resources, and assisting the family with organizing tasks so they can better rest, recover, and find their new normal.

Lori also has specialized training in using a baby carrier, car seat installation, and lactation support.

Postpartum support is $30 an hour with a minimum of 2 hours.
10 hour support package is $250
Payment plans available.
For more information on Postpartum Doula care see: American Pregnancy Association